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Founder and First Spiritual Leader


Second Spiritual Leader


Third Spiritual Leader

Yoshikazu Okada was born in Japan on 27 February 1901. As a young man he entered the military academy and graduated to the role of a high-ranking officer. In 1938, he fell with his horse during a horse-riding practice session and damaged the thoracic vertebrae in his spine. Then, in 1941 he was diagnosed with the degenerative condition of caries of the vertebrae, and medical experts gave him only three years to live.

He wanted to devote the remaining time he had left in service to his country, so he established factories, manufacturing companies and a coalmine. During the final days of WW II, his factories were destroyed in the bombing of various parts of Japan and he was left destitute. He contemplated taking his own life, however, he heard the voice of God, and soon afterwards, as a result of revelations from God, he began to practise the ‘art of spiritual purification’.

At that time, he still had huge debts to banks equivalent to many millions of dollars, so he began working as a door-to-door salesman selling rubber boots. He later commented that although this was a time of great hardship, he realised that the time limit of “three years to live” had already passed, so he worked on paying off his debts. At the same time, he practised the art of spiritual purification by radiating God’s Light from his hand as he travelled, often with amazing results. Many people experienced wonderful improvements in their lives in all kinds of ways as Mr. Okada raised his hand.

Due to his business management experience, he became a director of a construction company in 1953, and miraculously, he was able to pay off all his debts by January 1959.

On the morning of 27 February 1959, his birthday, Mr. Okada received a revelation from God, in which he was instructed to establish the Mahikari organisation. According to revelation, he took the name Kotama Okada, and became the first spiritual leader of the organisation. Later, he was given the title, Sukuinushisama, by his followers. Since then, we have referred to him as Sukuinushisama.

Sukuinushisama was guided by revelations from God on many occasions. He was instructed to share the experience of spiritual purification through the Light of God with as many people as possible and he devoted the final 15 years of his life to transmitting this gift throughout the world.

It was his aim that people discover the joy of helping others, and that everyone experience lasting happiness in their lives. He wanted to help establish a heaven-like civilisation on earth.

On 13 June 1974 Sukuinushisama received a revelation to transfer his roles and missions to his adopted daughter and disciple, Keishu Okada. She therefore took on the role as the second spiritual leader and the title Oshienushisama.

Sukuinushisama passed to the 'realm of divine spirits' on 23 June 1974 and his daughter went on to fulfil the role as spiritual leader for the next 35 years.

In October 2002, through revelation, her adopted son Ko-o (pronounced "K-or-or") Okada became her official assistant.

On 3 November 2009, as a result of divine revelation, it was announced that he had succeeded to all the roles and missions of the second spiritual leader and become the third spiritual leader of the Sukyo Mahikari organisation.

Sukyo Mahikari has therefore evolved through 3 stages as an organisation.

Sukuinushisama, in the first stage, pioneered the practice of spiritual purification and the establishment and expansion of the organisation around the world.

The second spiritual leader continued the holy missions in the second stage, and completed the following constructions, in or near Takayama:

  • The World Shrine, a place for communication with the Creator God, for all humankind

  • The Shrine of Light, dedicated to Sukuinushisama

  • The Hikaru Museum, open to the public with exhibits concerning the Founder; ancient history; and an art gallery.

  • The Youth Hall

The third stage of the organisation began in 2002, when Ko-o ("K-or-or") Okada began his mission to support the second spiritual leader in an active up-front role. The emphasis during this third stage has been on the genuine practice of divine principles in daily life, in order to discover our true potential and purpose as human beings.

Since 1959, the practice of spiritual purification with God’s Light has spread rapidly throughout the world. Sukyo Mahikari Centres are open to the public in order for people to experience purification through the giving and receiving of the Light of God.

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